A kitchen should be filled with tools that age, grow, and evolve with a cook. These objects should better with time, and carry with them the stories, the marks, and the patina of past meals. QUITOKEETO specializes in these types of items - a short list of new, found, and collaborative products made by people we often work with directly.

The shop is curated by Heidi Swanson + Wayne Bremser. We tend to source locally (California) or work with friends, preferring hand-crafted over the alternative. And while we love the culinary realm, we also can't help but dabble outside it. We're fond of things like California ceramics, unusual culinary herbs, rare honey, hand-woven textiles, pretty glass, and hand-sharpened knives.

QUITOKEETO started as a pop-up shop, but is now open permanently, unless we are traveling to source new products. Welcome! Anyone on the mailing list will be notified first when there are new items in the shop, an updated collection, or when items are back in stock. For answers to more detailed questions about the shop - shipping, payments and the like - please refer to the FAQ page. If you're in San Francisco, consider stopping by our studio to see products in person and say hello.

We look forward to sourcing new collections around various themes - influenced by people we’ve met, places we’ve been, and items we’ve come across. Thank you for your interest & support, and we hope you enjoy the shop!