Pallarès Solsona Kitchen Knife


My friend Lisa Minucci (of the beautiful Heritage Culinary Artifacts shop in Napa, Ca.) sent me a note earlier this year to tell me about a special knife she thought I might like - and she was right. It's the perfect everyday knife. She told me that she first learned of it many years ago when a friend shared one with her - "I use it in my kitchen for everything from slicing cheese and fruit, to digging candle wax out of my candlesticks. It's made from carbon steel (my favorite kind of knife) so it's extremely durable and also ages quite beautifully." Lisa shared one of the knives with me, and now we're excited to share them with you as well. - Heidi

Each Pallarès knife is hand-fashioned from high-quality carbon steel, and set with a boxwood handle. It's a forever piece made by a third-generation knife smith in the small town of Solsona, Spain, not far from Barcelona. Each piece is hand-stamped.

Carbon steel is harder than stainless steel and will hold its edge longer before needing to be sharpened. That said, it requires a bit of care and attention. Always remember to KEEP YOUR KNIFE DRY, as carbon steel will rust when it remains wet. It is also natural for carbon steel to develop a lovely patina over time. Run a towel over the knife between uses and be sure to store in a dry place. We use a Japanese water stone to keep our blade sharp.

8-inch knife / 4-inch blade
Use and Care guide.
Made in Spain.

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