Llane Braided Brick Series no. 1-9

This is a series of nine, unique, braided bricks each made by artist Llane Alexis. Ordinary bricks are made extra-ordinary in a process where each is wrapped in braided apparel scraps. The process is slow, deliberate, methodical, painstaking, and beautiful. Llane works with a range of special garment cast-offs in his work, but the textiles used in the wrapping of this series of bricks is particularly close to our hearts. The fabric is hand-woven by Adele Stafford of Voices of Industry, from Sally Fox’s naturally colored cotton grown in Northern California’s Capay Valley. Bridging art and functionality, braided bricks like to move about spaces. They can be displayed on their own, used as book ends, door stops, or as pedestals. They’re heavy, yet soft to the touch. An ordinary object, the brick, made exceptional.