Tura Sugden Fine Jewelry

We hand-picked a collection of favorite Tura Sugden pieces for QUITOKEETO's first selection of contemporary fine jewelry - with an special emphasis on her rare green diamond rings. These are all one-of-a-kind pieces.

A bit about Tura: We're lucky to have her based nearby in San Francisco, where we've long admired her work and sensibility, (and consider her a friend!). Each ring, necklace, chain, or bracelet is made by hand using old world methods. 
Tura ethically sources her materials and supports only socially and environmentally responsible suppliers. Her collection features recycled and Fairmined gold and platinum. Natural, ethically-sourced diamonds and colored gemstones are handpicked from a post-consumer certified seller and a handful of trusted dealers who purchase and cut their own rough stones, which creates an ideal short supply chain from mine to market. We hope you love Tura's work as much as we do.