52 Inch Long Antique 15k Gold Chain

We love this collectable antique 15k gold longuard chain for the maker's intricate attention to detail, and the way it is seamlessly able to weave its way into modern life. The hinged swivel lever clasp can be worn in the front or back. Worn in the front you are able to attach pendant(s). The chain itself is long enough to loop two or three times. It's an example of a perfect basic, and works effortlessly on its own, or layered with other necklaces - for a more maximalist look. The lever clasp allows to you easily personalize the pendants you attach over time.

Long, hand-crafted, antique gold chains in beautiful condition are hard to come by, and this is an exceptional example.  Pictured (in photo #5) with this rare rock quartz pendant.


  • 15k gold (hallmarked)
  • 52-inches in length
  • Victorian