Afourer Mandarin & Peppermint Marmalade

The Afourer mandarin is special. A variety with Moroccan origins, it has a relatively recent history here in the United States. June Taylor makes a stunning, intense marmalade with it. When the farmer initially came in with the fruit, she remembers thinking it was the most balanced piece of citrus she'd tasted in some time - both sweet and acidic. She ordered 600 pounds on the spot.

We have just three one more case of her elusive Afourer Mandarin & Peppermint Marmalade. The flavor is concentrated, strong (in a good way!), delivering the deepest orange preserve imaginable. The peppermint plays a classic counterpoint to the orange. It's perfect on everything from toasted brioche to buttered baguettes, and works nicely as a glaze on many things - cakes, scones, roasted carrots, asparagus, and green beans included.

June’s marmalades are hand-cut and traditionally stovetop-cooked. They are made with locally-grown fresh fruit from small family farms using sustainable agricultural practices.

8 ounces.
June Taylor Company
Made in California at The Still-Room.