AGA 2.5L Oval Cast Iron Casserole

We're passionate about buying pots and pans individually, instead of in sets. Correspondingly, much of our investment over the years has been in enameled cast iron.

AGA enameled cast iron, made in the U.K., is a favorite for its historic quality and clean lines. We're excited to have two casseroles in this (difficult to find) creamy, off-white vanilla. It's a classic color that can age with you from kitchen to kitchen, through trends, and remodels.

AGA can be used in the oven and on any style of stovetop. Thick and substantial, it accumulates and retains heat remarkably well, cooking food thoroughly and evenly. These are pots that can handle everything from slow simmering to roasting to quick frying without missing a beat.

This gracefully shaped, sizable casserole is perfect for serving friends and family-style meals. AGA casseroles make the jump from stovetop-to-oven effortlessly. We bring them straight to the table for serving, and the cast iron helps with heat retention. We also regularly use this wrapping cloth for transport.

AGA’s British history goes back over three centuries; they continue to use a foundry that began production in 1709. Each casting of iron is unique, and the handles of each pot are branded. Flat lids and bases mean casseroles can be stacked safely, even in the oven. The small round casserole can fit inside this larger oval one for storage. We also carry this significantly larger size, perfect for soups.

Care: Each Aga ships with detailed care instructions and a lifetime guarantee. AGA cookware is dishwasher safe, but we recommend washing it by hand with gentle detergent to preserve its surface. It is not for use in the microwave.

Length: 11 inches (not including handles)
Capacity: 2.5 liters 
Made in Shropshire, UK.