Ambatalia Linen Dish Covers

We’re particularly excited about this latest offering from textile designer Molly de Vries of Ambatalia. It is a set of five simple linen dish covers. Fitted with elastic around the edges, they stay snugly in place to protect bowls of prepped vegetables, casseroles, and the like. Each set includes a range of sizes – the largest will comfortably fit a standard pie plate, Heath casserole, or large bowl. The double-layer covers serve their purpose equally well whether in the fridge or left out on the countertop, and they’ll help you in the quest to purge disposable materials from your kitchen.

While the cotton lining is tightly woven, keep in mind that the covers will not form an airtight seal. We use them to cover leftover soup and spreads, salad greens and vegetables, and the smaller covers are great for dressings and mise en place.

Each wrap is made from sustainably-farmed 100% unbleached Russian linen, lined with beautiful American grown (and woven) organic cotton.

Set of five covers in a linen pouch.
Made in California.

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