Ambatalia Utensil Wrap

We were sitting around chatting with textile designer Molly de Vries in her Ambatalia studio recently when she showed us the simple utensil roll she keeps in her purse. It was brilliant. With four slots, it holds chopsticks, a spoon, fork, and knife.

If you're on the journey to phase disposable items from your life, such as plastic forks, this will help. Keep your own utensils on hand for work lunches, picnics, salad bars, and any other scenario you'd grab for disposables. Molly does a quick dunk in her water glass, followed by a swipe of a napkin to rinse utensils after use.

Each wrap is made from sustainably-farmed 100% unbleached Russian linen, lined with beautiful American grown (and woven) organic cotton. A French cotton twill tie keeps things in place. The fabrics have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk. 

When not using the wrap for utensils, it makes a simple makeup roll for travel, holds art supplies, pens, and the like. 

Made in California