Antique Puebla Bowls

These antique, Puebla-style ceramic bowls caught our eye at a Mexico City market, and we had to go back for them. The man selling them said they were likely made in the 1920s, but we're thinking they might date a bit later than that. They've been well-used, and have soft, earthy-pastel colors and glossy glaze. They aren't a natural set, but we purchased them together as a collection. They're chipped, worn, aged, and fragile, and we wouldn't want it any other way. The green-rimmed bowl is particularly delicate.

A quick lead swipe of the interiors of these bowls tested negative, but we can’t be completely sure that they are food-safe. If you want to use them for eating, you may also wish to test them yourself, or have them tested. They would serve well as decorative objects, catch-alls, or studio vessels, too.

Each bowl measures about 7 inches across.
Set of four bowls.