Antique Rosecut Diamond Ring

A single primary rose cut diamond is accented by six smaller, foil-backed rose cuts. The diamonds are set in silver, typical of the period, and a close look at the ornate, split-shank engraved band reveals so much charm. Note the continuous detail.


  • 14k gold, silver
  • 1800s
  • Very good antique condition

    Size 7 3/4, resizable. This ring is resizable, but will cause disruption in the engraved pattern. 

    Please note, all resized rings are non-returnable. Please allow 2-3 weeks for resizing, and kindly double check your ring size before ordering.

    Important care instructions:
     The diamonds in this ring are beautiful foil-backed, rose cuts reflective of the period. They appear to be set in their
     original setting, and care should be taken to keep them dry, which will help preserve the ring well into the future - even during cleaning.

    Cleaning: use a clean, dry, microfiber cloth to clean (the sort of cloth you use to clean camera lenses). 

    Please wear all jewelry with care, especially fine antique pieces. A good practice is to put pieces on just before leaving the house, and remove them when you get home. Ideally, fine jewelry should be the last thing on, first thing off. 

    Avoid exposing jewelry to perfume, lotions, oils, and household cleaners or products that might damage gold or gemstones. Regularly inspect your jewelry for loose stones, missing prongs, and any damage caused by wear. You’ll want to address any needed repairs to avoid lost stones or further damage (we're happy to advise if you need a repair). Even the hardest stones, like diamond, can suffer damage if you’re not careful. Also, compared to necklaces and earrings, rings are particularly susceptible to chips and abrasions.


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