Bach Flower Remedy - Water Violet

Doctor Edward Bach developed these gentle, old-school remedies in the 1930s, believing that certain pure flower essences can clear the energy that holds us in a stagnant or hazy state. The essences are intended to help restore a lighthearted mindset, in which the body is free to heal itself. We have found that pausing to raise the dropper brightens our spirits, and has become a sweet and pleasant fixture in our self-care routines—especially when we are feeling a bit stressed or under the weather, we count on these as a step in the right direction.

Water Violet helps you to develop warmer relationships with others when your pride or independence makes you appear aloof.

The remedies are still crafted according to Dr. Bach’s original recipes: The blossoms of wild plants that grow naturally in the United Kingdom are warmed in spring water, under the sunlight, to extract their healing essences. The essences are then preserved in a diluted brandy base.

To administer an essence, place 4 drops under your tongue 1–4 times per day. A combination of between 2–4 essences may be used, so you can mix-and-match a personal blend of the essences—or stick to the one essence that is most apt for you. No combination or amount of the essences can harm you. They are completely natural, safe, and non-interactive. This formula will maintain its potency for 10 years.

20 ml
Made in the UK.