Balconville Late Harvest Apple Vinegar

This is autumn beautifully distilled into a bottle. A special vinegar made from hand-picked, late harvest Empire apples, with just six hundred bottles produced annually - a bewitching blend of tart and sweet. The apples are picked in a Montérégie region orchard, fermented in estate barrels without ullage, the must slowly cooked until the desired texture and flavor is achieved.

The resulting vinegar is the color of burnt caramel, with the viscosity of maple syrup - thick, balanced, acidic without overly harsh edges. The flavors are fascinating - it’s a vinegar that delivers a deep apple base rounded out with hints of dried apricot candy, a vitamin C mid-section, and mandarin peel finish. Use it in place of your best aged balsamic vinegar - as a component in your cooking, or as a regal finishing drizzle. It's a vinegar that pairs beautifully with blue cheeses, ice cream, and berries. It sings alongside autumn ingredients like squash, pears, apples, and brussels sprouts. And it's great drizzled over tempura, or used as a finishing accent over roasted mushrooms or simple salads.

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375 ml bottle
Product of Canada | Société-Orignal