Banana Mint

This surprising variety of mint, with its elongated leaves and occasional clusters of violet blossoms, has a green and fresh scent evoking a tropical garden. Along with the familiar cooling, zingy character of mint, you’ll notice whispers of young, unripe bananas. When chewed or crushed, the banana mint develops sweeter notes that are reminiscent of ripe bananas and banana pudding.

Part of the charm of this mint is its delightful complexity, and you don’t want to subdue or bury that by cooking it with other ingredients. It is best used as a finishing element, so its flavor and fragrance can reach the palate at full strength. Crush it between your palms and shower the mint onto your desired preparation just prior to serving. Flavors we especially love it with are coconut milk and tropical fruit.

Quitokeeto’s culinary herbs are sourced by us, and grown in northern California, by farmers who practice organic and biodynamic methods. Each herb is harvested at its peak, when most vibrant, aromatic, and beautiful. They are dried naturally and gently to preserve their potency. These herbs are seasonally available in limited quantity.

Solubility: water, fat, alcohol

Suggested Culinary Uses:

-Sprinkle over curries made with coconut milk—it complements yellow and green curries, in particular. 

-Crumble with toasted almonds and sprinkle over avocado smeared toast.

-Combine in a mortar and pestle with sugar. Use to finish shortbread, cobblers, and puddings. You can also do a savory version with salt and use it to season rice bowls.

-Compose a yogurt bowl with chopped pineapple, toasted walnuts, and crushed banana mint.

Complements: Coconut milk, tropical fruit, dates, avocado, chocolate, berries, lemon, brown sugar, yogurt, millet and brown rice

Traditional and Therapeutic Uses: Mint is used across many traditional cultures to support wellness and balance. It is believed to support the digestive tract, alleviate stress and anxiety, subdue nausea, act as a cough suppressant, combat cancer, support oral health and deter cavities, and provide relief from hay fever.

100 ml glass jar
Product of California.