Black Walnut Cutting Board

If you're a serious cook, this is a cutting board to consider — beautiful, but also wonderfully utilitarian. It was the utilitarian side of things that won us over as we chopped, sliced, and diced on it month over month. In a kitchen with cutting boards stacked in the corner, this one became the favored to cut on. For each board, black walnut is cut to just the right thickness and dimension. Each resulting cutting board is substantial and sturdy, with plenty of surface area to work. That said, it's not overly large or heavy, making it easy to move around the kitchen, clean, or carry to the table as a serving board. Rounded edges soften the aesthetic without compromising functionality. Also, it is dead flat. And, with care, will remain that way — so, on a level surface, it won’t rock or shimmy as you chop.

Like Swedish designer Magnus Lundström’s white marble mortar and pestle, this minimal and quietly beautiful board is a kitchen essential we're confident you'll come to love as much as we do. The Black Walnut is sustainably grown and harvested in northeast Iowa.

To maintain your board for many years, dry it with a natural cloth after washing and rub it with something like spoon butter on occasion if it’s looking parched. Don’t leave it sitting in water—if it becomes soaked, it will warp.

13 inches by 18 inches
Designed by Magnus Lundström in New York City
Exclusive to QUITOKEETO



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