June Taylor Blackberry Lemon Thyme Conserve

June makes this conserve when the season's blackberries are fresh and plump, the days warm and long. The logic being, a jolt of berry later in the year, in the midst of winter, is a welcome addition to any table. This bright blackberry conserve is made with locally-grown Wochita blackberries - plump, flavorful, with just the right amount of soft sweetness. The berries are infused with real lemon thyme, resulting in a vampy purple preserve bursting with brightness, and a hint of citrusy herbaceousness. It's an incredibly versatile conserve - at home on an autumn or winter cheese plate, slathered on good morning toast, as a pastry filling, or spread across savory sandwiches. It comes in a letter-press labeled jar, and is just the sort of thing to take to a housewarming, picnic, or road trip.

The traditional method June uses in producing her conserves results in a soft set texture, favoring enhanced fresh fruit flavor over a firmer set. They use no commercial pectin, are stovetop-cooked, and made with locally-grown fresh fruit from small family farms using sustainable agricultural practices.

Recipe: Rombauer Blackberry Jam Cake

8 ounces.
June Taylor Company
Made in California at The Still-Room