b/L Cleansing Pomace

Boulettes Larder Cleansing Pomace is a special exfoliate useful for cooks, gardeners, artists, or anyone who works intensively with their hands. It's the second product we've listed from Boulette's incredible handcare line for culinary professionals. And, while it's great for cooks, the usefulness of this product extends beyond the kitchen, into the garden, artist studio, and garage - anywhere hands (or occasionally, marble countertops!) get odorous, soiled, or stained.  

Made with comfrey, sage, goji berry extract, aloe, pumace, and organic extra oil de coco crème, this special formulation deep cleans, exfoliates, and removes surface stains and odors from hands, leaving them smooth and supple. The essential oils and beeswax absolute impart a subtle nuanced fragrance that works for both men and women.

Boulettes Larder is one of the places that makes San Francisco special - equal parts pantry, chef's kitchen, and retreat from the bustle of the surrounding market and city. Chef Amaryll Schwertner has taken the time to research and invest in a line of products that are ideal for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Boulettes' hand care products are sourced from only the most environmentally and animal-friendly ingredients, are crafted locally, are 100% organic, and are ideal for promoting the health of your skin in the kitchen.

To use: After working in the kitchen or the garden, thoroughly massage a quarter-sized amount of Boulette's Larder Cleansing Pomace into dry hands and rinse clean with water. We love it for feet, and legs, and shoulders as well.

16 ounces.
Boulettes Larder in conjunction with In Fiore.
Made in California.