Cabrillo Glass

Hand-blown for us in California, these clear glasses bring a touch of magic and delight to the table. A patterned surface expressively refracts both light and color. We love them for rosé (shown here) and white wines, water, whisky, beer, juice, and kombucha.

The curved base of the Cabrillo fits comfortably in the palm - neither over or undersized. They are designed for both beauty and versatility and are meant to be used daily.

Care: We occasionally run these through the dishwasher without problems, but strongly recommend hand-washing. Not for use with extremely hot liquids or microwave ovens.

These glasses are slightly larger than our Pismo Spirits glasses, with straighter sides, and a more open mouth. The Pismo glasses are smaller with a beautifully patterned ball shape.

2 3/4 inches wide by 2 1/8 inches high
Hand-blown in California.
Designed by Studio Palanquin for QUITOKEETO  

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