Caffe Dell'Arte Cioccolato Gelsomino

There is an expansive range of wonderful artisan chocolate available right now, and in the midst of them all, this bar captured our hearts. A singular, unadulterated chocolate slab gently touched with jasmine—gelsomino in Italian. Based in Sicily, Caffe Dell’Arte uses an ancient Aztec technique to hand-grind chocolate on a metate. No heat or additives are introduced during the process; this chocolate contains only cacao, sugar, and locally sourced jasmine blossoms.

The result is a nearly raw chocolate bar with a delicately granular mouth feel, crumbly chew, and flavor that evolves on the palate as the intact sugar crystals marry with bitter chocolate and subtle, floral notes of jasmine. It's the opposite of those silky, fine couverture bars in the very best way imaginable.

A trio makes a beautiful, unusual gift.

Recipe: Gelsomino Chocolate Mousse
Recipe: Gelsomino Chocolate Butter Cookies 

3 ounces per bar
Product of Modica, Sicily.