Caffe Dell'Arte Cioccolato Library

A collection of our five most loved bars from Caffe Dell’Arte. Each flavor is assertive and fragrant - you'll want to sample the spectrum with friends. It's the sort of thing that makes an easy, engaging close to a meal. Each library contains one of each of the following bars:

 - Cioccolato Gelsomino
 - Cioccolato al Rum
 - Cioccolato Agli Agrumi di Sicilia
 - Cioccolato Pistacchio
 - Cioccolata Caffe

In the town of Modica on the island of Sicily, Caffe Dell’Arte grinds toasted cocoa beans by hand on a metate. The cocoa is then combined with sugar granules and accented by whispers of unexpected flavor. 

3 ounces per bar.
Product of Modica, Sicily.


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