California Sea Salt

Small-batch California sea salt is rare, and this is the finest we’ve found: a beautiful, bright sea salt harvested from protected waters along the California coast, in an area where currents flow freely throughout the year. The result is a stunning, pure salt with a clean, oceanic flavor—a natural sea salt, reflective of the climate and season that formed it.

This salt undergoes minimum processing: water is collected, reduced and evaporated; the crystals that remain are then gathered. The resulting grain is part of what makes this salt so special. The crystals are delicate snowflakes of salinity that reside on the finer side of the grain spectrum. They bring a touch of sparkly texture and crunch to dishes, enhancing flavor without being overly pebble-like or large. We tend to celebrate it by reserving it for use as a finishing salt, sprinkling over a dish just before serving. It's a standout to be kept on the table, providing little bursts of crunch, focus, and saltiness.

2 oz. sea salt in white glass 100 ml jar
Product of California

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