Catalina Rancho Coffee Carafe

Between the depression years and the second world war, several California pottery and tableware companies produced coffee carafes or coffee jugs. These carafes feature variations in shape and glazes, but the wood handle attached at the neck is a common element found in many of them. The wood contrasts the ceramic, especially with lighter glazes, and gives the pieces a sensiblity of the American West and California. The object seems to attest to long weekend breakfasts spent outside.

Catalina Pottery made tableware and decorative pottery on Catalina Island from 1927 until they were acquired by Gladding McBean 1937 and moved to Los Angeles. Their line was sold to tourists on the island, as well as a number of department stores. Glazes were mixed with local minerals found on the island. The mark "Catalina Rancho" indicates this is one of the pieces Gladding McBean produced, utilizing the existing Catalina molds (the line also included new shapes). While the carafe is a common shape, sold with variations of the handle design, this example features an uncommon white or ivory glaze. Based on the glaze, it appears similar to those by Virgil Haldeman, who left the company to start Haldeman pottery.

For a complete overview of the California coffee carafe era, see Gabriel Ugolini's pin board.

Condition: Minor scratches (detail photo shows most obvious example). No obvious cracks or crazing. Lid is in good condition. Handle is securely attached

Height: 9 inches / 23cm
Width (with handle): 9.5 inches / 24 cm