Cerf-Volant Linden Honey

Linden trees have long been considered the queens of honey plants. And if you speak to enough honey enthusiasts about favorite monoflorals, the elusive linden honey will often top their lists. This is one of the best examples. Cerf-volant translates as “kite,” which brings to mind crisp spring days at the coast. Fittingly, the flavor of this strong, pale, mildly sweet, unfiltered, and raw honey is as bright and mineral as sea air. Linden blossoms imbue it with notes of cucumber, eucalyptus, lemon sherbet, and mint. A hint of smooth, sophisticated bitterness reveals itself on the finish. The texture is thick, smooth and creamy rather than grainy, with a pearlescent quality. It reminds us of a most luxurious lip gloss.

It is a honey to enjoy straight from the spoon, drizzled, or taken for it's beneficial health properties. Linden honey has been celebrated for its high medicinal and anti-bacterial properties for millennia. You read of folk remedies recommending linden honey in the treatment of colds, cough and sore throat. It is called for to treat insomnia, thought to normalize metabolism, digestion, and hormones, and believed to be supportive of the heart, gastrointestinal tract, liver, and gall bladder. 

The Cerf-Volant comes from honeycombs that are handpicked by the family of Miels d’Anicet in the Hautes-Laurentides region of Quebec. Its harvest is tied to the short blooming season of the Linden trees, and must be undertaken during the capricious weather conditions typical of the climate and the season. It is available in limited quantity, and like the other Societe-Orignal honeys, once the harvest for the year is sold through, c'est fini.
11.9 ounces 

Product of Canada | Société-Orignal


Honey naturally crystallizes over time, especially during the cooler months. If your Linden honey becomes denser than you like, remove the lid, place the jar in a warm spot (or in a bowl of warm water), and stir regularly until it returns to the consistency you prefer.