Chen Williams Coaster Set

Tabletop wildcards. Each set of these colorful coasters is one-of-a-kind. Wood cross-sections are mashed up against blasts of neon resin and stipples of blue, and yellow, and pink. Pure resin-sliced madness.

Each set is handmade by Brooklyn artists Chen Chen and Kai Williams. Various materials (mesh, string, netting) are bound around a central wood stake, then solidified with resin and epoxy. Once hardened, a unique set of coasters is sliced, sanded, and a protective layer of wax completes the process.

Set of four coasters.

Approximately 4-inches / 1/3-inch thick.
Mixed materials: resin, wood, rubber, acrylic, mesh, plastic.

Please note: The coaster set pictured is an example. By nature, each set is unique and will vary in color and shape.

Made in New York.