Classe Ouvrière Churned Seashore Honey

This beautiful, raw, white honey is the consistency of marshmallow crème*. It streams down in thick, opaque white ribbons from the spoon, and tastes of sweet, ethereal moonlight. This is a rare honey harvested by the Trigaux & Potvin families in the Gaspé region where it is rumored its floral flavor comes from the summer pollen produced by maritime plants in the area. It is an exceptional, nutritious, finishing honey that loves to be slathered, drizzled, and dotted across everyday ingredients like yogurt, grilled bread, berries and fresh ricotta. It's the little something special that has the ability to transform everything around it.

300 grams / 10.6 ounces.
Product of Canada | Societe-Orignal

*Please keep in mind, honey naturally crystallizes over time, slowly becoming less fluid, particularly during the cold months. If your honey becomes more dense than you like, give it a stir and/or remove the lid, place in a warm spot (or hot water), and stir until it returns to the consistency you prefer.