Classe Ouvrière Miel Brut du Printemps

This is a honey that makes a strong first-impression. It comes in a massive 1-kilo, straight-sided, food service jar, and serves as an electric yellow beacon anywhere you place it. It is a rare, raw, seasonal honey produced strictly in the springtime by bee colonies kept by the Trigaux & Potvin families near the Canadian Gaspe' coastline. The honey is beautifully potent with a kiss of astringency, and whispers of saffron, vitamin C, cedar, and cotton candy. You'll notice a hint of sea salt on your lips long after tasting it. This honey is unbelievably fragrant, and it is thought that its overall potency comes from the particularly strong pollen produced by the maritime plants during the spring season. When people talk about products with terroir, there are few better examples. The texture is incredibly dense, nearly cheese-like. There are just 400 jars of this vintage produced. 

1 kilo / 2.2 pound jar
Product of Canada | Societe-Orignal

*The texture of this honey is dense. If you like your honey for drizzling, place the jar, uncovered, in a persistently warm spot, or in a bowl of warm water, and stir regularly until it loosens to the consistency you prefer.