Coltellerie Berti Boxwood Chef’s Knife

Crafted with a beautiful blonde boxwood handle, this is an unusual custom version of our white-handled Berti chef's knife. With its classic silhouette and 8-inch stainless-steel, high-carbon blade, it is weighty enough for serious work, yet finely balanced and sturdy. The boxwood handle has a satiny finish that is satisfying to hold, and is accented by the subtle luxe touch of brass rivets.  

David Berti began crafting knives in 1895, in the Tuscan countryside. Today, the Berti tradition still requires that each knife is the complete work of a sole craftsman. The hands that begin the work finish it. This means each knife crafted is unique, and contains the thought, the hand, and the expertise of an individual shaper. Every knife from Berti bears the initials of the craftsman who made it.

These knives have the strength of carbon steel, plus the durability, flexibility, and corrosion resistance of stainless steel. The quality of the steel and the care with which Berti knives are made ensure that, with proper maintenance, this knife will follow you through your culinary life.

Care: Wipe the knife’s blade with a clean cloth or wash it gently after each use, avoiding harsh detergents or scrubbers. Dry the blade after washing; because the steel has high carbon content, its resistance to corrosion and oxidation is not absolute. To maintain the blade’s edge, you can employ your favorite method of sharpening; we prefer to use Japanese water stones over sharpening steels. The boxwood handle should be kept dry, and oiled occasionally as necessary. Store this knife somewhere it won't come into contact with other objects or utensils.

The Coltellerie Berti Boxwood Chef’s Knife ships in a beautiful gift-worthy box.

Knife length: 13 1/4-inch
Blade length: 8-inch
Made in Tuscany.