Coltellerie Berti Brass Gobbo

This exquisite folding knife, with its straight blade and curved handle, is modeled after the knives of Loreto Aprutino, a town in the Abruzzo region of central Italy. In eras past, a particular style of petite knife was associated with each Italian region. Locals would keep their companion knives constantly at hand, use them until well worn, and pass them between generations.

Coltellerie Berti has been making heirloom-quality knives in the Tuscan countryside since 1895, and continues to produce fine examples of these regional knives—pieces that are at once utilitarian objects and artifacts that connect us to history. Still today, each knife is the complete work of a sole craftsman and bears the initials of its maker.

The Gobbo’s blade is laser-cut and hand polished to a mirror finish. Its brass handle is engraved with a botanical pattern. Over time, the knife will develop a beautiful patina, a subtle record of its use. It will serve well at the table whether home or away, on a hike, or in the garden, workshop, or field.

Care: Wipe the knife with a clean cloth after use. Keep it dry—since the blade’s steel has high carbon content, its resistance to corrosion is not absolute. The brass handle will tarnish over time; if you prefer to avoid this as much as possible, keep it from contact with moisture or acidic substances, and apply a very thin layer of metal polish after gently washing.

Each brass Gobbo ships in a beautiful, gift-worthy box.

7 inches when open, with a 3-inch blade.
Made in Tuscany.