Coltellerie Berti Black Gobbo

This black folding knife is a sleek, modernized homage to the small knives that eras-past inhabitants of the Italian countryside, from cooks to herders, kept constantly at hand. It's a fantastic little knife. Owners used their knives on a daily basis throughout their lifetimes, preferring their own well-worn tools to newer ones, even passing them among generations. The shape of this particular knife travelled from South America to Italy generations ago. 

Coltellerie Berti has been crafting heirloom-quality knives in the Tuscan countryside since 1895. They continue to consider historical reference as they explore modern materials, creating pieces that combine contemporary functionality and a long legacy. Each knife bears the initials of its sole craftsman, is appreciated for the uniqueness of its character, and is given harmony of form. 

This knife’s high-carbon steel blade is ground to a satin finish. Its black Lucite handle can withstand the elements. The knife is remarkably sturdy, while compact and lightweight, allowing it to ride comfortably in a pocket—from the hiking trail to the dinner table, perhaps—for many hours.

Care: Wipe the knife with a clean cloth after use, or if necessary, wash it by hand. Do make an effort to keep it dry—since the blade’s steel has high carbon content, its resistance to corrosion is not absolute. Each black Gobbo ships in a protective custom cylindrical tin.

7 inches when open, with a 3-inch blade.
Made in Tuscany.

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