Coltellerie Berti Reed Archetto

The best instrument for cutting soft cheeses. According to Italian tradition, a shepherd fashioned this instrument solely for this purpose. The first bow knives were crafted of woods such as willow, hazel, blackthorn, or bulrush; they brought an artfulness and style to the service of cheese at the farmhouse tables of Italy.

Berti's example is made with a forged wire blade and reed handle. The delicate wire minimizes metal-to-cheese contact, allowing cheese to release its most pure and intense aromas. It is a modest tool that performs its task ingeniously.The curved shape keeps the wire taut for elegant dividing of camembert, soft goat cheeses, ricotta, taleggio, and the like. Use it as well to slice polenta, butter, set custards, and terrines. 

Coltellerie Berti has been crafting heirloom-quality cutlery in the Tuscan countryside since 1895. They continue to consider historical reference, creating pieces that evidence both contemporary functionality and a long legacy. Still today, each Berti piece is the complete work of a sole craftsman. The Archettos are produced entirely by hand and in small quantity, and arrive in a gift box.

Care: Wipe down the bow knife with a damp cloth after using. When necessary, give it a quick hand wash and dry it immediately. Avoid getting the reed handle very wet. 

The wire blade measures 10 inches.
Made in Tuscany.