Cone Denim Smock Apron

We've done a run of Japanese-inspired smock aprons with Molly de Vries of Ambatalia. Its structured, string-less, cross-backed, and made from a special dark, raw Cone Mills denim. Designed to float on the body, it's a quick pull-over, and utilizes all trimmings in the design. The pockets are fashioned from the arm cutouts. We love it in the kitchen, garden, and even out-and-about.

Important | Care Instructions:
This sort of denim is special, and by that we mean it is best cared for in specific fashion if you want to keep it's dark color and structure. The indigo can transfer to light clothes. It is made from raw denim, which, when left unwashed, the cotton eventually maps itself beautifully to the wearer’s body. Many denim aficionados put off washing their raw denim all together, so if you can avoid washing it, do. Or put it off as long as possible - 4 months, 6 months, a year if you can. For months we have been spot cleaning ours with water and washcloth.  That said, this is an apron, and you'll likely need to give it a dunk at some point - do so in cold water, with as little soap as possible, separate from lights, and line dry to minimize shrinking. 

One size: fits sizes US 2 - 10 best. (Measurements)
Ambatalia for QUITOKEETO.
Made in California.