Copper Bundt Cake Pan - 6 3/4 inch

This is the best, heirloom-quality, copper bundt cake pan we’ve found. Each pan is made individually, in Germany, honoring the traditional copper bakeware used for centuries in the world’s most celebrated bakeries. Traditional copper material and shapes are combined here with a ceramic interior for beautiful baking results. We love these pans - heavy, and substantial, they’re the kind of cake pan that, with care, can last generations. Functional, gorgeous, and excellent quality, cakes slip effortlessly from them. We keep them lined on one shelf to inspire everything from weekend breakfast cakes, and bundt birthday, to easy one-pan creations, or a multi-cake display of different sizes. Currently available in three sizes.

Care Instructions:
- Please hand-wash only. To protect the pan’s surfaces, use only wood, plastic, or silicon tools. Avoid abrasive sponges and steel wool. Oven temperature should not exceed 480F when using.

- Copper reacts to oxygen and heat resulting in a patina. Some people like to let a patina develop, others prefer to polish copper and keep it vibrant, and shiny. You can use ketchup or special copper polishing agents.

6 3/4-inches wide
Made in Germany.

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