Craftsman & Wolves Confiture Café au Lait and Passion Fruit-Olive Oil Curd

William Werner is the marvel behind Craftsman & Wolves, San Francisco’s decadent and ultramodern pâtisserie. This set of jarred treasures encapsulates his vision perfectly—it features two surprising and spot-on reimaginations of classics. Each has a supple and luxurious texture that drizzles beautifully into smooth, glossy pools and ribbons. Use these as you would your most beloved jam. They’re amazing dolloped into poundcake batter, but we think they’re precious enough to savor unadulterated with ice cream, yogurt, or toast.

Confiture Café au Lait | William’s take on candied milk jam and dulce de leche tastes like a remarkably sophisticated coffee-infused caramel. With its satiny mouth feel, it’s even a bit reminiscent of butterscotch pudding. Made with Straus cream top milk, sugar, espresso, and salt.

Passion Fruit-Olive Oil CurdThe flavor here is pure passion fruit, with notes of tropical flowers and a bold, addictive tang. With a vibrant pollen hue, this curd has a consistency a hint looser than your average lemon curd. Nestle it under ripe strawberries or blackberries and crushed hazelnuts, in a summer tart, or enjoy it swirled into the Eton Mess below. Made with pure passion fruit juice, sugar, eggs, and extra virgin olive oil.

Recipe: Passion Fruit Eton Mess

Set of two 7.5-ounce jars.
Craftsman & Wolves
San Francisco