De Buyer Copper Pan Set with Lids

Few would debate the top-tier quality of de Buyer copper. Beyond pure functionality, the shape and design of de Buyer copper is what makes it worth investing in. It's the perfect combination of clean, geometric lines, the minimalist silhouette of the pans, and the warm, bright glow of simple brass handles. This is the set of copper pans we use at home. One deep sauté pan, along with a small and medium saucepan. This set includes beautiful copper lids for each pan.

De Buyer Copper Sauté Pan - 3 Quart: This heirloom-quality copper sauté pan is perfect, and sizable enough, for all around culinary tasks. From scrambling eggs (or poaching multiple eggs at once), pan-frying anything from vegetables to dumpling, or wilting voluminous piles of fresh greens.

Diameter: 9 1/2 inches / 24 1/2 cm
Capacity: 3 quarts

De Buyer Copper Sauce Pan - 3 3/4 Quart: This heirloom-quality copper sauce pan is medium in size, perfect for everyday tasks like making a quick pasta sauce, poaching an egg, oatmeal, or miso soup.

Diameter: 8 inches / 20 cm
Capacity: 3 3/4 quarts

De Buyer Copper Sauce Pan - 1 3/4 Quart: This small, heirloom-quality copper saucepan is ideal for heating concentrated sauces, reductions, or melting chocolate - tasks where a larger saucepan might be too much.

Diameter: 16 cm / 6.3 inches
Capacity: 1 3/4 quarts

A few things to know about cooking with copper: Copper is fast and nimble. Its conductivity makes it sensitive to temperature changes, responding immediately when a cook raises or lowers heat, allowing you to precisely control the cooking process. It’s part of what chefs love about it. Said another way, it heats quickly and evenly, preventing food from sticking or cooking irregularly. These pans can handle the high heat needed for searing and browning flawlessly, or settle into a long simmer just as well. 

A very thin stainless steel lining provides a food-safe cooking surface without inhibiting the conductivity of the copper. The lining will not rust, tarnish, or oxidize, and resists scratching; unlike more common tin-lined copper cookware, unless damaged, these pots will never need to be refinished inside. The exterior is polished to a soft gleam and finished by a triple-riveted brass handle. 

French manufacturer de Buyer has produced revered cookware according to exacting standards since 1830. These pans are designed for professional use, with aesthetics and effortless functionality in mind. With proper care, these pans will serve for generations.

These pans can be used on any style of cooking surface except induction.

Care: Wash gently by hand, and dry with a soft cloth. If desired, the copper exterior can be polished as needed using polishing paste—though we find the soft patina that develops with regular use beautiful. Do avoid storing the pan against items that could scratch its surface.

Crafted in France.

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