El Mil Del Poaig

When you're ready to splash out on expensive olive oil, this is the way to do it. Arguably, one of the world's most rarified olive oils, El Mil Del Poaig is made from hand-picked olives harvested from 437 millenarian Farga olive trees, in El Maestrat, on the Eastern coast of Spain. Trees over a thousand years old.

The olives are cold-pressed into an fresh, vibrant yellow-green olive oil. It is intensely fragrant with scents of olive, artichoke, and fresh grass. Upon tasting, the olive oil is beautifully balanced, round and generously fruity, with forward green notes along with citrus, apple, orange blossom, and almond. There is a hint of spiciness on the finish and a soft, finessed bitterness overall.

A handmade wood crate protects each specially-designed matte white porcelain bottle. The opaqueness of the porcelain preserves the properties of the olive oil. 

El Mil Del Poaig is a unique combination of luxury, tradition, quality, and history coming together in a beautiful gesture. It's the perfect gift for the hard-to-surprise bon vivant in your life.

Limited production
500 ml.
Product of Spain.

We also carry El Verd del Poaig, a smaller bottle, made from a coupage of four olive varietals from the same region.