El Verd Del Poaig

If El Mil Del Poaig is one of the world's most exclusive olive oils, El Verd Del Poaig, is its more approachable younger sister. Instead of a single varietal olive oil, this is a delicate coupage of four types of olives, also hand-harvested in El Maestrat, on the Eastern coast of Spain. The foundation is Canetera olives known for their rich polyphenol profile, Hojiblanca and Arbequina take the edge off any bitterness, and Alfafarenca olives bring a smooth apple essence to the blend.

This beautifully finessed olive oil has notes of cut grass, walnuts, and olives. It is rich, and green, and supple with a luxe, sweetish start, and a long, intensely spicy, invigorating finish.

Each white bisque bottle ships in specially-designed protective packaging. 

Limited production
250 ml.
Product of Spain.