F & F Felger Moonstone Ring

This mesmerizing moonstone ring was made by celebrated American jeweler F & F Felger, also known to supply pieces to Cartier and Tiffany in the early-mid 20th century. Beautifully preserved, the moonstone is clear with wonderful satiny translucency and visible blue adularescence across the body. Set in a 14k setting flanked by two small pink sapphires, the billowy glow of this moonstone cabochon is ethereal.


  • Moonstone: 12.25 x 9mm x 3.5 (approx.)
  • 14k gold
  • 1920s-1950s
  • Hallmarks: FFF / 14k
  • American

Size 4 3/4, resizable.

Moonstone: calming and mysterious, moonstone is a balancing stone of reflection, hope, and healing. Considered a powerful, sacred gemstone across many cultures, it was believed to bring harmony to lovers, promote fertility, and facilitate reconciliation between the estranged. They have also been called dream stones and are believed to bring the wearer wonderful visions during sleep. We love that beautiful moonstone was also used to protect one from the many perils of travel.

Please note, all resized rings are non-returnable. Please allow 2-3 weeks for resizing, and kindly double check your ring size before ordering.
Care instructions.


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