Fontaine Champagne Flute

Founded in Denmark in 1825, Holmegaard was established with the philosophy that every Dane should have a beautiful drinking glass. We knew we’d found just the right stemware for QUITOKEETO when we came across Holmegaard’s Fontaine glasses on a trip to Germany. With graceful, hollow stems, and elongated lines, each glass is a show-stopper. This is the Fontaine Champagne flute.

Designed in 1987 by Michael Bang, the Fontaine glass series is the most challenging in Holmegaard’s mouth-blown glass repertoire. Glass blowers demonstrate their talent by blowing a small bubble into each glass as an elegant greeting from the artisan. The stem of the glasses is slightly higher than standard and gives any table a light and elegant look.

Please hand-wash / not dishwasher safe.

7 ounces.
Height: 10 1/2-inches
Mouth-blown in Denmark.

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