Frazer Parfum African Soliflore Collection

The idea of a soliflore fragrance is that a single flower holds within it an abundant complexity of smells. Just as a blended perfume contains a range of scents intended to smell "fresh" or "sultry" or "summery," a soliflore perfume is crafted to capture the multiple aromatic elements of a single bloom. It is a reminder to observe nature's subtleties and nuances. We have three of Tammy Frazer's rare perfumes soliflores, available in limited quantity.

African Soliflore Jasmine is awakening and fresh, with notes of verdant green lime blossom, white-flower sweetness, and hints of black pepper and basil. A trace of Ethiopian Opoponax resin lingers. At once herbaceous and warmly spiced, this scent rhymes well with windy fall days or nighttime strolls.

African Soliflore Ylang-Ylang is white floral softness, a creamy, subtly spicy center, and a bright, tropical top note that sings highest and deepens on the skin. The Ylang-Ylang blossom from Madagascar is infused with notes of the yellow citrus it grows alongside. Fresh and elusively feminine, it may become our new everyday scent. 

African Soliflore Orange Blossom The scent of the Moroccan orange blossom is vast: one first detects the femininity and brightness of honey and citrus oil in humid air. Deeper are fresh notes of neroli and bergamot. Sweet and heady; this scent puts us in mind of salt spray, sweetgrass, and afternoon rain.

Each parfum soliflore is contained in a hand-carved Blackwood pincushion compact. It is created using an 18th century traditional method of perfumery in which hand-gathered organic beeswax is infused with natural perfume. The outer-packaging is a matchbox-inspired box, convenient for travel. 

Frazer Parfum is a small perfume house based in Cape Town, South Africa. Tammy Frazer personally creates all perfumes by hand, working only with natural and organic raw materials sourced directly from farmers around the world. 

To use: Rub the parfum with fingertips to generate heat, then place the warm wax on pulse points for a slow-release, lasting scent. While it is minimal in form it possesses great diffusive power. The parfum is effective for 8 hours.

100% vegetal. All natural and biodegradable. No animal testing. No genetically modified material. No herbicides. No paraffin. No pesticides. No petroleum. No synthetic material. No toxic material.

10 ml.

Product of South Africa