Frazer Protea Porcelain Shea Butter

Sustainably-produced shea butter handmade in Mali by the women of the Dioila village in partnership with the Peace Corps. It's a beautiful, ivory-coloured natural salve extracted from the nut of the traditional African Butyrospermum parkii tree by crushing and boiling at a low temperature, over a long period of time. It melts at body temperature and absorbs rapidly into the skin without leaving a greasy feel, and comes in a beautiful, Protea porcelain container handmade by Karen Kotze (porcelain artist) in the Cape. No two glazed pieces are exactly alike. There is no added fragrance. 

To use: Use your fingertips to work a pencil-eraser sized dab of shea butter into the palm of your opposite hand before applying in a thin layer - face, body, lips, hair. It takes a minute or two to absorb into the skin.

This is the highest quality 100% shea butter - gentle on skin, with a multitude of uses. Keep in a cool place. 100% vegetal. All natural and biodegradable. No animal testing.

Heidi's note: I use the tamboti version (out of stock for now) a few times a day and the tiniest bit goes a very long way. The product pictured here is the same, in a porcelain container. It’s a great all-in-one travel balm. On my recent trip to India instead of bringing a wide range of products, I used it as face and body moisturizer, on insect bites and little cuts, in place of hair gloss, and to soften up my lips (and cuticles) out in the desert.

Photos: Shea butter production in Mali.

200 ml.
Product of Mali (shea butter) / South Africa (porcelain)