Frazer Parfum Solide Oakmoss & Violet Leaf

Frazer Parfum is a small perfume house based Cape Town, South Africa, and we've been working from the start to get their beautiful parfum solide in stock. Tammy Frazer personally creates all perfumes by hand, working only with natural and organic raw materials sourced directly from farmers around the world, and the oakmoss & violet leaf scent is particularly lovely. It hints of forest walks after springtime rains, fern and moss-lined trails, green velvet, and dappled light. Bark, with a whisper of earthiness, and lavender brightness.   - Heidi

Each oakmoss and violet leaf scented parfum solide is contained in a pincushion porcelain compact. It is created by using an 18th century traditional method of perfumery where hand-gathered organic beeswax is infused with natural perfume. The outer-packaging is a matchbox-inspired box, convenient for travel.

To use: rub the parfum with fingertips to generate heat, the warm wax should then be placed on pulse points for a slow release lasting scent. While it is minimal in form it possesses great diffusive power. The parfum solide is effective for 8 hours.

100% vegetal. All natural and biodegradable. No animal testing. No genetically modified material. No herbicides. No paraffin. No pesticides. No petroleum. No synthetic material. No toxic material.

Limited quantity. (We also stock Rose & Tuberose Parfum Solide)
10 ml.
Product of South Africa.