Futagami Ihada Jam/Honey Spoon

We use this beautifully dramatic spoon for honey and jam, it can dive deep into big jars to get at all the far-away corners. Each handle is cast in lead-free brass, and, contrastingly,  the part of each utensil that come into contact with the mouth is silver-plated. One of the things we love about these is the way they patina over time. They are pieces meant to be used for decades, and the metal retains and shows the culmination of meals over time. Each piece of flatware is individually packaged in a Japanese paper box.

Futagami is a historic hundred-plus year old Japanese brass foundry working with designer Masanori Oji to create the Ihada series.

Care: We recommend hand-washing Ihada Flatware.

Measurements: 5/8 x 8 x 1/3-inches
  - (w16 x d203 x h7 mm)

Made in Japan.

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