Hand-Thrown Atmospheric Bowl

Currently available only in studio. Please let us know if you'd like to drop by to see them. Sarah Kersten makes these remarkable oversized bowls by hand in her Berkeley studio. We consider them worthy of contemplation-object or art-piece status; their heft, along with their layered, atmospheric surfaces, render a compelling presence in any room. As a focal point in a kitchen or tablescape, they're arresting.

They're also highly utilitarian, ideal when certain tasks make it hard to locate just the right vessel—kneading dough for a large loaf, tossing a generous amount of farro salad for a potluck, mixing waffle batter when the family comes over. Or use them for what Sarah had in mind when she began making them: preparing cabbage for a batch of sauerkraut.

Sarah crafts these bowls using high-fired stoneware, then glazes them with a nontoxic surface that is resistant to corrosion. The organic shapes vary slightly from bowl to bowl. The matte finish shows dreamy patches of sand, cream with blue-grey undertones, and rusty freckles—like the surface of a shallow river reflecting the sky.

Each piece is a unique work, and will reflect subtle and special variation in size, shape, and pattern.

Each bowl measures about 12–13 inches in diameter and 6–7 inches high.
Made in Berkeley, California.