Hand-woven Napkins | Natural

A set of four 100% natural cotton napkins. These Oaxacan textiles were designed and hand-woven for us on a pedal loom by the Orozco family in conjunction with the Oaxifornia workshop. The technology of the pedal or colonial loom was introduced during the Spanish colonization of Mexico, to create pieces larger than the indigenous back strap loom could make, and to make use of wool and newly introduced blond cotton. This was in contrast to the indigenous brown cotton used in pre-hispanic times. Oaxacan weavers built on this tradition, and Alfredo Orozco uses the pedal loom in his workshop, having learned the craft from his grandfather when he was very young.

Each piece has a lot of heart. They’re beautiful basics, impeccably produced, one at a time - nice, and, at the same time, relaxed and unfussy. The 100% natural cotton softens beautifully after once wash, and gets better with every use.

Made by the Orozco family
Lachigolo, Tlacolula Valley, Oaxaca
50 x 50 cm (20 x 20-inch) after washing.
Machine wash / gentle dry.
Set of four napkins.

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