Hohenmoorer YT Monostahl Bird's Beak

After nearly two decades of knife-making and work as a cutler, Ulrich Hennicke began designing and producing his own line of hand-forged blades in the town of Asendorf, Germany. Hohenmoorer, or "High Moor," describes the region the knives are produced in. The profile of each Hohenmoorer knife is distinctive, contemporary, and restrained. There is nothing superfluous added without a nod to functionality. The touch of temper color is a fingerprint of the maker, but also serves the purpose of protecting the transition area between blade and tang.

The YT Monostahl is Ulrich's interpretation of a paring knife, or paring knife, with a bird's beak blade. The very thin, curved blade makes it perfect for detailed prep work, careful garnishes and peeling small fruit without removing excess flesh. The blade is hand-forged by Ulrich and his small team. The hard steel and temper ensure the strength of blade for small, vigorous cutting tasks. The YT's handle shape and polished brass bolster are subtle indications fact it's a modern kitchen tool, and the octagonal (eight-sided) handle is comfortable for both left and right-handed users. The use of smoked oak in the handle makes the knife light in the hand, and gives it a handmade quality. No two are exactly the same.

The YT Monostahl blade is forged with 80 CRV2 carbon steel. The blade will begin to develop a patina immediately-its "working color." This is a natural part of using a carbon knife, something to be celebrated. The gradual staining of the blade personalizes it, and tells the visual story of past meals. Knives made with carbon steel generally maintain on edge longer than stainless.

Care: Wipe the knife's blade with a clean cloth or wash it gently after each use, Avoiding harsh detergents or scrubbers. Never use in a dish washer. Dry the blade soon after washing. Because the steel has a carbon content, it can rust. The wood handle is durable-that said, we recommend hand washing your knife, drying it, and storing it somewhere it does not come into contact with other objects or utensils. We suggest having the knife professionally sharpened, or using a sharpening stone.

The Hohenmoorer YT Monostahl Bird's Beak knife ships in a  gift-worthy box made ​​of recycled paper.

Knife length: 6.5 inches / 17.5 cm
Blade length: 2.5 inches / 6.5 cm
Weight: 7/8 ounces / 26 grams
Made in Germany.

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