Il Bigolaro

The Bigolaro is a Venetian pasta press. It’s a fascinating object of utilitarian beauty, and the sort of thing you rarely come across in modern kitchens. This manual pasta extruder, designed in 1875 by Francesco Bottone, has been in continuous Italian production since - with identical design.

Il Bigolaro is delightful, useful, and children (as well as adults) are completely charmed by it.

Once attached to a bench, counter, or tabletop, pasta dough is pressed through a brass barrel, extruding in long strands through a thick, solid brass die. There are multiple dies to choose from (rigatoni, bigoli, fettuccini, etc), and the resulting pasta is textured and raggy, prized for its ability to hold sauce.

Il Bigolaro must be mounted to a stable surface, and is sold either with a bench, or without. The bench requires assembly, and is unpainted natural wood - it is a project that requires a drill, mallet, wood glue, etc. It is basic for anyone with any woodworking skills, but there are no instructions included. The photo shows the bench after a coat of glossy white paint.   

Each Bigolaro comes with two dies:
rigotoni & bigoli (spaghetti)

1 lb. pasta dough capacity

Made in Italy