Imanishi Sharpening Stone

We know that some of you have been sharpening your own knives for ages, while some of you haven't even considered it. If you fall into the latter category, we want to encourage you to give it a shot. We've found that it helps us get to know our knives better, and makes cooking with them a deeper and more contemplative experience. Start slowly, and the process will become intuitive with a bit of practice. 

We chose this stone for QUITOKEETO because it's a great all-around sharpener. Imanishi makes some of the most reputed and effective ceramic sharpening stones around, out of a tiny workshop in Kyoto, Japan. This is a combination stone (1000/6000), affordable, effective, and well-loved by many chefs. It will bring a blade that’s going dull back to optimal condition for use. A traditional Japanese water stone means that it is always used with water and never with oil. We've pulled together a guide to using this sharpening stone, for those of you who might be new to sharpening your own knives, but are ready to take the plunge.

The grey side of the stone has a medium 1,000 grit. Use this side first, to create a sharp edge on your blade. The white side has a finer 6,000 grit—use this side second to refine and polish the edge you created. The stone will need a quick soak before use, and to be leveled (all you'll need is sandpaper) from time to time. Allow it to dry in the open air before storing it. Always use it with water, and never with oil.

The stone comes in a decorative gold foil box.
Product of Japan. 


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