Iris Hantverk Pan Brush

This brush's sturdy fibers are perfect for cleaning pots and pans effectively without scratching them, and the round handle makes for a natural and steady grip. Sweep the bristles across the inner surfaces of your cookware under warm water with a bit of mild dish soap. It also happens to be out favorite wok cleaning brush.

Crafted of oil treated birch and a combination of fibers: Tampico fibers are extracted from the leaves of certain species of Agave plants, while Bassine fibers are threshed from the dried leaves of the Sago palm, a tree native to the East Indies and Sri Lanka. 

Iris Hantverk brushes have been sustainably produced in a Swedish workshop by a small collective since 1906. Each bundle of bristles is bound by hand to a birch handle with stainless steel wire before being cut to uniform length.

CareWash the pan brush by hand with mild dish soap and warm water, and set bristles-down to dry. Oil the handle from time to time if it starts to appear parched. 

Diameter measures 9 cm
Made in Sweden.