Iris Hantverk Pastry Brush

A light, versatile, and straightforward brush for painting crusts with egg wash and biscuits with melted butter, or finishing cakes and fruit tarts with glaze or syrup. We also like using it to brush oil or marinade over vegetables as they are roasting.

Crafted of oil treated birch and natural horsehair, which is known for its softness, strength, and elasticity.

Iris Hantverk brushes have been sustainably produced in a Swedish workshop by a small collective since 1906. Each bundle of bristles is bound by hand to a birch handle with stainless steel wire before being cut to uniform length.

Care: We actually keep two of these on hand - one for dry use (sweeping excess flour from pastry or other doughs), one for wet use (egg washes, marinades, and the like). You can brush the dry-use brush clean, and wash the wet-use pastry brush by hand with mild dish soap and warm water, and lay flat to dry. Oil the handle from time to time if it the wood starts to appear a bit dry.

16 cm long
Made in Sweden.

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