Iris Hantverk Vegetable Brush

A sturdy brush with a good shape for gripping. It has stiff but gentle bristles, ideal for scrubbing dirt from root vegetables. We use it most to clean beets, carrots, winter squash, and potatoes prior to roasting.

Crafted of oil treated birch and a combination of fibers: Tampico fibers are extracted from the leaves of certain species of Agave plants, while Bassine fibers are threshed from the dried leaves of the Sago palm, a tree native to the East Indies and Sri Lanka.

Iris Hantverk brushes have been sustainably produced in a Swedish workshop by a small collective since 1906. Each bundle of bristles is bound by hand to a birch handle with stainless steel wire before being cut to uniform length.

Care: Wash the vegetable brush by hand with mild dish soap and warm water, and set bristles-down to dry. Oil the handle from time to time if the wood starts to appear a bit dry.

12.5 cm long
Made in Sweden.

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